Gas Safety Tips

  1. Never tamper with any gas appliance yourself! Only a Gas Safe registered engineer.
  2. Poorly maintained gas appliances (in particular gas fires) can emit Carbon Monoxide.
  3. As Carbon Monoxide isn't easily detected by the naked eye, arrange for a Corgi registered engineer to fit a Carbon Monoxide detector.
  4. Always ensure that all gas appliances are turned off when you are out.
  5. If you smell gas, or think that you may have a gas leak in your home:
  • Turn off your gas supply
  • Do NOT switch on or off any electrical appliances
  • Do NOT ignite any naked flames into your home
  • Open all windows and doors

Call National Grid's emergency number immediately on 0800 111999

Carbon Monoxide (CO) - The Silent Killer

What is Carbon Monoxide (CO)?

Carbon Monoxide is a poisonous gas produced when carbon based fuels (including fuel gas) do not burn properly. Carbon Monoxide is lethal if it gets into the body, preventing the blood from carrying oxygen to the cells and organs.

Carbon Monoxide poisoning has been the cause of countless deaths each year. A common cause of this is due to poor installations and neglecting the maintenance of day-to-day household appliances, flues and fittings. Do NOT make the same mistakes!

Protect your Family!

How to prevent CO exposure in your home:

  1. All work carried out in relation to gas appliances in your home should be carried out by a Corgi gas engineer.
  2. Maintain Annual gas safety checks on all gas appliances, to be done only by a certified Corgi engineer. You will then be issued with a certificate (landlords of properties have a legal obligation to ensure a gas safety check is carried out annually).
  3. To book your property in for an annual gas safety check or you have any concern regarding the safety of gas appliance in your home then call:

Advanced Aqua on 07736 275131